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Guidelines For PFWBC Sunday School

Sunday School Plan Starting on OCT. 11,  10:10am-10:50am

Children’s Classes/Young Adults – Room Number/Grade/Teacher(s)

A1 – Pre K – Carla Bailey

A5 – Kindergarten-2nd – Barb Anderson

B12 – 3rd-5th – Melissa Tanner

B2 – 6th-8th – Jeremy Baker

Basement Open Space – High School – Andy and Angela Randolph

B4 – Young Adults College Class – Andrew Rogers

Adult Classes – Room Number/Class Name/Teacher(s)

A7 – People for Christ/Willing Workers/Maranatha – John Browning

*note if Willing workers has more people than what is thought then they will take room

C1 – Doug Parks will teach

Chapel – Women of Purpose – Malinda Edgell

B10 – Living the Faith – Steve Utley/Rotation


Time for Sunday school will be 10:10am – 10:50am (or longer for adults, if needed)

Pre K – 8th grade will dismiss classes to the gym for parents to pick up

No Sunday School offering

Masks are not mandatory, but please feel free to wear your own if you wish. We will not be providing masks.  There will not be any judgment passed on anyone whether they do or do not wear a mask.

PFWBC Family,

Guidelines & Safety Precautions for In-Person Sunday Worship Services

Our Youth group is in Service during the 9:00 am service.    Ages 6th Grade - High School.   They are meeting in the youth building with social distancing seating.

Although we have made every effort to sterilize and make the church as safe of an environment as possible, we cannot guarantee it will be completely sterile. If you are sick, prone to being sick, or simply do not feel comfortable, please continue to utilize our online options, as they will all still be available. We recognize that this is a unique situation, and we realize that each person must make their own choices about attending in-person. We want you safe no matter how you worship.

  •   We are having two services on Sunday mornings. One starting at 9:00am and the other at 11:00am. We will not be assigning which service you must attend. Although all pews will be sanitized between services, we ask those who attend the 9:00am service to sit in pews marked red, and those who attend the 11:00am service to sit in pews marked green.
  •   Only the Main Entrance should be used. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the door. It is recommended that you utilize the hand sanitizer dispensers upon entering and exiting the building.  The Main Entrance will be open 15 minutes prior to each service. This allows sanitizing to be completed between services.
  •   Key holders, please use the Main Entrance to enter and exit for any service. All other doors should not be accessed.
  •   Face masks are not mandatory, but please feel free to wear your own if you wish. We will not be providing masks. There will not be any judgement passed on anyone whether they do or do not wear a mask.
  •   While in the sanctuary, families will need to sit together. If you sit with someone other than your family, we recommend keeping distance of 6 feet apart.
  •   Baby changing stations are available in the Main Foyer restrooms if needed.
  •   Tithes and offerings will be available for drop-off in boxes located at the back of the Sanctuary by each door as you exit.
  •   It is recommended social distancing guidelines continue to be practiced. Please refrain from any handshaking or hugging to keep these guidelines in place.
  •   All pews, door handles, and restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each service.
            Services That will be suspended until Further notice:
Golf cart Transportation
Nursery, Kings Kids, Children's Church 
Holy Grounds coffee shop
  •   Please feel free and open to worship and use the altar as we normally would.


Events on the calendar are still cancelled.  We will be adjusting this decision as the month proceeds.  

Our live feed service are viewable on Facebook,  Youtube, PFWBC Website & App Sunday Mornings at 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

You can view our archived services through our Facebook page and/or website and app.

This is the Tutorial for Online Giving: Online Giving Tutorial

Thank you for your prayers and support during this time....


PFWBC Holyland Tour

Sorry to Inform You that the Tour has been cancelled at this time due to travel restrictions.  Dates and times will be updated in the future.  Thanks for your prayers during this pandemic!!

See additional information here: PFWBC Holytland Tour

Or download information and registration directly below:


Sunday Services

9:00 am & 11:00 am

Sunday school (starting Oct.11) 10:10am-10:50am

Youth 9:00. am grades 6-12

Wednesday Services

Adult Class 6:30 pm in Chapel

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